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The Thing About Salomon

“There’s a million producers out there. But the thing about Salomon is that he gets stuff done that the other guys can only dream about. And he’s worked with all the big names – in Los Angeles, they pick up the phone, when Salomon calls.” – Says Manfred Bik, strategy director at DDB and Tribal Amsterdam. Manfred worked with Salomon Engelsman more than once: he estimates they delivered near to fourty productions, together. “You know, there’s a lot of young guys out there. Kids calling themselves ‘producer’ or ‘casting director’ or ‘location scout’. Young guys that are ‘hip and happening’ – especially with a lot of online content being shot in ‘new school’ production value, nowadays. And I’ll say one thing about Salomon: he’s my age – so he’s definitely not one of the young guys!” – When he finishes laughing, Manfred continues: “No, but seriously: Salomon is one of those that are hip and happening by heart. He just can’t help it. Salomon is forever young – he’s the kind of guy that stays in touch. And because he has been filming ever since the celluloid times, he brings ‘old school quality’ to the new tech age. There is something about the feeling of ‘real film’ production, something that sets it apart from everything else that is filmed, even when it’s shot on video – you know it when you see it. Plus, don’t forget: Salomon has worked with all the biggies. The top directors and the number one outfits in the world want to work with this guy – and believe me: you won’t get them to work with some 22-year old hairdo with a nose-piercing from The Netherlands.” Sunice, Salomon Engelsman – producer, casting, locations, special crews, format and film.





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